[StoreFront] - Version 3.x - Syncing App Subscriptions Across Multiple Citrix StoreFront Clusters






How To :


Note Command Screen

From remote StoreFront

Source server for propagated configuration

Find source server IN Storefront MMC.


Launch PowerShell and execute this command


 Import-Module "C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront\Management\Cmdlets\UtilsModule.psm1"


And also this command


Import-Module "C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront\Management\Cmdlets\SubscriptionSyncModule.psm1"


Now add your internal Cluster with this command :


  • URLofYourStore = Base URL of StoreFront Cluster
  • 11.xxx.xxx.xxx = Virtual Server on Netscaler Pantin.

Where can find base URL ? In MMC StoreFront :




Add-DSSubscriptionsRemoteSyncCluster –clusterName URLofYourStore –clusterAddress 11.xxx.xxx.xxx

Now specify the remote store with which to synchronize users' application subscriptions : here INTERNALv3 :





Add-DSSubscriptionsRemoteSyncStore –clusterName URLofYourStore –storeName INTERNALv3


Now configure regular synchronization at a specific interval, type the following command


Add-DSSubscriptionsSyncReoccuringSchedule –scheduleName SyncInternalv3 –startTime 11:31:00 -repeatMinutes 30


To start synchronizing users' application subscriptions between the stores, restart the subscription store service on the local computer.



Launch MMC Windows Event Viewer and navigate to : Citrix Delivery Service



You will find two event LOG :


  • ID = 22 / Start Synchronization
  • ID = 23 / Synchronization Completed




To list the subscription synchronization schedules currently configured for your StoreFront deployment, type the following command.




To remove an existing subscription synchronization schedule, type the following command. Then, propagate the configuration change to the other StoreFront servers in the deployment and restart the subscription store service.


Remove-DSSubscriptionsSchedule -scheduleName SyncInternalv3


To remove an existing Cluster


Remove-DSSubscriptionsRemoteSyncCluster -clusterName URLofYourStore


When you have CREATED/DELETED "subscription synchronization or Cluster" you will need to propagate the configuration (from MMC StoreFront) change to the other StoreFront servers in the deployment and restart the subscription store service "Restart-DSSubscriptionsStoreSubscriptionService".


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